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The methodology named Lexicon-Grammar was proposed by a French linguist Maurice Gross (1934-2002) and has been adopted for French verbal constructions by the LADL/IGM research teams in University Pasris 7/University Paris-Est-Marne-la-Vallee.  


The following principle is presupposed: every verb has an almost unique set of syntactical properties. Therefore, each simple sentence struature for a given verb (or more precisely a predicative element such as a verb, an adjective or a predicative noun) should be considered as the basic unit of the study (i.e. subject-verb-objects), and thus as syntactic dictionary entries.  


Hence, the research outcome become a syntactic dictionary of all lexical entries (i.e. predicative elements) that include diverse syntatic, distributional and transformational properties presented in a tabular database (binary matrix). 


Its construction has led to a remarkable accumulation of linguistic information indispensable for the automatic analysis of natural languages. Due to the lexical idiosyncrazy that has been often underestimated in modern linguistics, syntactic properties of each lexical element need to be systematically examined and described: it is impossible to predict exact syntactic behaviors of a given verb even though its semantic properties are logically described and revealed.  


The result descriptions are represented by matrices (tabular forms) where rows correspond to veral entries and columns to syntactical properties.





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