2016-02-01 5,802


DECO NamedEntity-Feature-Domain Information Classes 





DECO-OpiClass consists of the following information types: 


- Named Entity Information Classes (DECO-NetClass) 

- Feature Information Class (DECO-FeaClass) 

- Domain Information Class (DECO-DomClass) 


The above 3 information types are important in Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis as well as the Sentiment Class information (i.e. DECO-PolClass and DECO-PsyClass).  


First, Named Entity Information (DECO-NetClass) is attached to the lexical entries with the tags starting with XX-; second, Feature Information (DECO-FeaClass) is attributed with the tag 'XQFT'; finally, Domain Information (DECO-DomClass) is assigned to the corpus-based colloquial nouns with the tags starting with XX-.  


Together with the Sentiment Information Classes (i.e. PolClass & PsyClass), this information will be crucial for the reliable Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining.