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DECO Inflectional Classification  






4 Lexical categories


The inflectional classes are assigned to the 4 major lexical categories in DECO dictionary, i.e. NS, DS, VS, and AS. 


Regarding NS (Nouns) and DS (Adverbs) categories, there are no morphological changes in both root forms and inflectional suffixes (i.e. Postpositions or Particles), whereas concerning VS (Verbs) and AS (Adjectives), there exist complex and quite irregular changes in root forms and/or in inflectional suffixes.   


The numbers representing the types of the inflectional classes attached to lexical entries indicate the corresponding finite-state graphs that represent a complete set of comnbinations of inflectional suffixes.


For the category of Nouns, there are 3 inflectional classes, whereas for that of Adverbs, there are 4 classes. Concerning the category of Adjectives, there are 26 classes and as for that of Verbs, there are 28 classes (Cf. Jee-Sun Nam 2007/2010/2015).


Inflectional Classes for 4 Lexical Categories


1.Inflectional Classes of NOUNS: 3 Classes  





 2. Inflectional Classes of ADVERBS: 4 Classes 





3. Inflectional Classes of VERBS: 28 Classes 





4. Inflectional Classes of ADJECTIVES: 26 Classes 





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